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As a mature woman wanting to get into the workforce again I had no idea how to begin the process.

Having a passion for nursing but not having the courage to follow this dream I needed some help as to where to start as I did not know if this was even possible.

I approached Empowered Decision to help guide me through this process.  They were amazing.  I cannot thank Michelle enough for her knowledge, guidance and encouragement. They have helped with my resume, which pathways to look at and gave me so much information, which has been incredibly helpful.  I now know I can do this.

Thank you so much Empowered Decision.

– Gaby

I worked with Laura for 14 years, she was the Branch Manager at the recruitment agency I worked for at the time and I reported directly to her.

She was an amazing leader, very innovative and abreast with the latest trends.

She was very motivational and kept the office on track. She was great as an advisor on your sales pipeline and dealing with difficult customers.

She held everything together and always came up with new ideas and new ways of doing things to make the office more productive and efficient.

She was great with clients and candidates alike. I could not recommend her more as a leader, business developer, trainer, mentor and consultant.

– Vicky

When I met with Michelle I was unsure about which direction my career was going in.
By asking me a series of questions, Michelle helped me realise where my strengths lay.
Michelle was instrumental in helping me identify goals and areas to refine my business.
I recommend Michelle to anyone wanting a fresh perspective on their career path or business.

– Rosalinda

Thank you for her amazing resume in such a short period of time. She got the job!

– Nelle

Thank you Laura for your help. I realise now how low my confidence was.

The meeting we had helped me feel confident in my resume, my skill set, my interview skills and in negotiating a better salary.

I have started at the new job and am really enjoying work again.

Thanks Laura.

– Nicole

I reached my mid-forties, as a working mother with an established career but just felt like I was in a rut and wanted a change.

All my friends encouraged me to try something new but I knew I needed ‘real talk’ and practical guidance on how to navigate this fork in the road.

Michelle really listened to me, asked lots of questions and left me with not just sound advice but also with some actions to clarify my goals/vision for the future.

Talking to Michelle helped me articulate my passion and she made sure I had mechanisms in place to help me succeed.

I don’t know how she does it but she was gentle and tough at the same time, practical and inspirational.

Thanks Michelle.

– Carmen 

The guidance and support provide by Laura from initial contact and right throughout the recruitment process was absolutely fantastic.

Her knowledge and professionalism, combined with excellent interpersonal and communication skills was highly valuable in coaching me through a challenging process.

Laura assisted me in understanding how to addresses difficult selection criteria associated with an executive level position, including how to refine my curriculum vitae and effectively prepare for interview.

Laura took the time to thoroughly understand the role I was applying for, while both critiquing and aligning key elements of my knowledge, experience and skill set I had to offer. It was refreshing and reassuring to engage in a process with this level of support.

Without Laura’s assistance I would have struggled to adequately prepare and ultimately win the position. For these reasons I strongly recommend engaging with Laura for any positions you wish to apply for.

– Michael

I had a 3-hour session with Michelle and we worked on my Working from Home structure.

I work for a Pharmaceutical company in a Senior sales role and negotiated a part office / part home work situation.

I struggled with balancing critical tasks and prioritising my work whilst juggling home responsibilities. I was used to a corporate structure with regular office hours and battled to create a disciplined routine from home.

Michelle gave me a system and structure to work with. It was like a breath of fresh air for me. Michelle is now like a Work/Life Coach and her work experience in senior Management provides me with some great skills.

I would highly recommend Michelle to help organise anything!

– M T

I worked with Laura for over 10 years in the recruitment industry.

I highly recommend Laura as a Leader in the recruitment industry.

Her high level of knowledge and diverse experience across the industry allowed her to think outside the square to get the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

As a mentor and leader to many consultants within the recruitment agency Laura was the go to person to get advice on many matters.

Her empathy, open mind and down to earth nature are a few key qualities that made not just her but people she managed successful and happy in their job.

– Amy

I had the pleasure of working directly with Michelle in her previous “corporate life” for some seven years.

Through this time, she held formal roles including Training Manager to the whole company (high pressure, sales environment), and Production / People Manager for various business units – including mine.

While Michelle performed at a very high level across both areas, personally, I gained a lot from her direct production management.

As someone that had (and still has) a rolling To Do List that I never seem to get on top of, she has an innate ability to carve through the ‘noise’ and help distill the key priorities that would actual bring results.

In a less formal way, Michelle also held mentorship roles for many of the staff. Given Michelle is genuinely interested in people as individuals, I suspect this side came naturally to her – it always seemed effortless from the outside. Personally, she quickly worked out what made me tick and how I like to operate and used this to encourage the positives and reduce the negatives – including not shying away from some ‘home truths’ when they were needed.

I can say with certainty that both my business and my approach to it were positively benefited by Michelle’s input. I still use practices that she introduced to me on a daily basis.

– Colin

When I first starting working as a graduate recruiter some years I was fortunate to have Laura as my manager for the next 10 years.

In the hectic world of recruitment she taught us how to be pragmatic, and cut through the noise to focus on our goals and objectives.

Laura also helped to grow the business and implement the systems to ensure it was done the right way so everyone was part of that journey, which personally allowed me to develop into a junior manager’s role. I was very lucky to have this type of leadership so early in my career.

– Anthony

If you work from home and find yourself feeling spread thin, feeling like every facet of your business life and family life is getting the best of you, feeling overwhelmed with your business goals because you can’t see past the “to-do” jobs in your home environment…. you need to talk to Michelle. Simple as that.

Michelle’s Home Based Business program is designed to do a deep dive in to your current situation, identify areas for attention and systematically design a productive, efficient operation that not only sets you on the path or creativity and profitability but also peace of mind.

Thank you, thank you Michelle

– Rita

Michelle is a passionate business woman who has a consultative management style.
She can step into your business and advise on all the necessary aspects to get it running successfully.
Even when you have a successful business, Michelle has the ability to step in and take it to the next level.
From assisting with developing and progressing your sales pipeline through to day-to-day time management and organisational strategies.
Michelle was instrumental to myself in reaching my targets through motivational meetings, brainstorming, consistent training sessions, time management strategies and trouble shooting.
Thank you Michelle for the many business and life lessons you have passed onto me over the years working together. Forever grateful.

– Amy

Laura has and continues to be an extraordinary help to my business. Laura has a wealth of business knowledge that enables her to provide her clients with industry knowledge.

Laura’s clients are, therefore, able to develop at a more accelerated and productive pace. I can’t recommend Laura Biggs highly enough. Thank you, Laura, for all you have done and continue to do for my company.

– Lara

Thanks so much for your help with my resume and LinkedIn profile. It was, however, the interview preparation and career coaching that I found most useful.

I felt so much more confident that I was across the job market, that I was marketing myself appropriately and that I was presenting myself well in the interviews. I have started my new job now and am enjoying it very much. The change has reignited my enthusiasm for my career.

Thanks very much.

– Mark

I contacted Michelle to help me with the preparation of my paperwork to apply for graduate entry level roles.

Michelle gave me direction on optimising my CV to open my career search to a wider field of employment I didn’t know was available.

I have decided where I want my career to go and I am completing a course in the real estate industry.

I have recommended her to others as I felt she would be an asset in their search for employment. Thank you, Michelle.

– Isaiah

Laura was an amazing Line Manager in the two years that I worked as a recruiter. She had a rare combination of technical knowledge and was an engaging thoughtful leader.

– Hayley

I came to Laura for advice on being made redundant. She gave me some great suggestions in terms of things I could address with my ex- employer. She also helped prepare my resume and upskilled me on finding and applying for suitable jobs.

She has so many tips which made me feel so much more confident. I am currently interviewing and feel ready for my next step. Thanks for your incredible help Laura!

– Sam

I worked with Michelle for over 10 years at a recruitment company, she was my production manager, trainer and mentor during that time. She was amazing at all of the above, she really understands you as an individual and tailored approach according to where you were at.

She was great at time management and helping to plan your day, week, quarter to achieve results and personal goals. She was very motivational and would set you on the right path of you went off track.

She assisted with the sales pipeline, where the gaps were and how to rectify any deviations. Any areas you were lacking or felt you needed further training, she would set up a structured plan to upskill those areas, often working one on one to get it right.

She was great as a sounding board to run ideas past, she would help you get your brain right so to speak.

She really cares about you as an individual and is invested in your career and future. She will always be a life long mentor for me and I have appreciated everything she has done for me throughout my career to date.

– Vicky

Laura has a vast knowledge of the recruitment industry, a well established network and has incredible coaching and leadership skills.

With her strategic sourcing focus, I would highly recommend Laura to advise in Recruitment and HR.

She is not only talented but is amazing and great fun to work with and for! I loved being a part of her team.

– Catherine

Laura Biggs was my direct manager for the 3 years I was at Personal Concept – she was our State Manager and I was a Consultant/Team Leader.

Laura wasn’t only a ‘manager’ she was also a leader, because she genuinely cared about the people working under her – she would guide, mentor and discuss strategy with her staff. She really wanted the best for all her people.

Laura’s holistic recruitment and strategic management expertise/knowledge assisted in our day to day operations and helped immensely in meeting company directives/goals. Thanks again Laura.

– Gavin

My young teenage daughter was looking to apply for her first job.
Without any prior experience and the uncertainty of how to go about things, we spoke with Laura to obtain professional advice.
Laura assisted in creating an initial resume and provided helpful guidance in terms of applying for jobs both online and face-to-face.
Prior to my daughter’s first interview, Laura took the time to discuss potential interview questions and worked through examples on how to adequately respond. This level of preparation assisted in building my daughter’s confidence and she now has her first position in the workforce.
I believe Laura’s experience and ability to engage helped my daughter to stand out from the crowd.

– Savannah