Leadership skills - Ready to Lead - Empowered Decision

In order to secure a leadership role differentiating your potential is essential.

The challenge at this stage of your career is to convince an employer to be confident to offer you a leadership role.

We help you to develop your understanding of leadership,  to determine your preferred style and values, and how to transition into such a role. This can be achieved by positioning yourself in your current company or supporting you to secure a role with a new employer.

Practical support by way of resume, selection criteria, LinkedIn profile and interview preparation as well as ongoing professional development coaching is available.

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Things to think about….

  • Do I have an up-skill plan for leadership / management?

  • How do I feel about the critical business development component – if relevant?

  • How do I explore promotional opportunities internally?

  • How do I get commitment on promises made from my Manager?

  • How do I apply for a leadership role with no leadership experience?

  • How do I leverage my position through an external recruiter?

  • Do I know how to optimise my LinkedIn profile to be found?

  • How do I know how to answer questions around leadership in an interview?

  • Do I know how to ensure that promises of leadership are delivered?

  • What happens when the title in the paperwork is different to what’s been discussed?

  • How do I prepare my referees to support a move to a leadership role?

  • How do I handle a counter offer?


Preparation for
leadership application


Work with the expert in a real-time situation. Update and differentiate your application documentation for your first step into a leadership role. A great opportunity to see how recruiters and hiring authorities are going to work through your documents and what happens in their minds when they see or don’t see information.

The content of this package includes:

  • Action plan sheet – prepare this document for our call and forward your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn URL.
  • Share your differentiation with the expert to position yourself in the mind of the hiring authority/ recruiter
  • One-on-one call – 60 mins
    • Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile optimisation

*excludes GST

my options


This is a journey of discovery. Having the ability to thoroughly investigate and ask the right questions gives you options. Simultaneously investigate a potential leadership role in your current company whilst considering and comparing external opportunities. Having choice is always good position to be in.

The content of this package includes:

  • Internal Promotion workbook – provocation guide to exploring avenues and identifying your action plan and pathways
  • External Promotion preparation guide – highlighting how your application will be viewed and why you will be considered for a role without the formal experience. Identifying the pressure points for you to focus on
  • Game plan call – 60 mins

*excludes GST

A 3-hour introduction to
leadership workshop


A 1-1 guided approach working with an expert. This foundation workshop to prepare you for the role and will explore the aspects you will be faced with. An ideal journey of discovery if you:  do not have much support to acquire leadership skills/ are not sure what to expect when considering this as a career development option /preparing to  interview for a leadership role you have not been in before/ demonstrating your proactive upskilling in an internal performance review.

The content of this package includes:

  • Discovery call – 30 mins
  • Workshop content:
    • Defining leadership
    • Leadership principles
    • Determine your preferred leadership style
    • Clarifying your role & expectations from your company
    • Measuring your success
    • Developing relationships
    • Transition from colleague to manager
    • Dealing with difficult people
    • How to deal with your boss
    • Balancing your role and management availability
    • Passive aggressive attitudes
    • Process and systems to manage feedback and action plans

*excludes GST

Work with
the expert


Work one-on-one with an expert to create and optimise your application documents and offer guidance throughout the job search process. Consider your internal and external options to increase your choice.

The content of this comprehensive package includes:

  • Career Advisory call – 30 mins
  • Preparation of Resume, Cover letter and LinkedIn profile (2 drafts)
  • Selection criteria – online guide & email review
  • Internal Promotion workbook – provocation guide to exploring avenues and identifying your action plan and pathways:
    • Exploration of the probability of promotion
    • Identifying skills to develop
    • Documenting appropriate skills
    • Promises & timeframes
  • External Promotion preparation guideline:
    • Maximising your strengths in your application and selection process
    • Showcasing technical expertise
    • How to highlight proof of leadership and business development skills
    • Agreement of promotion in contract
  • Job search plan document
  • Selecting a recruiter document
  • How to use your network video
  • How to use your network worksheet
  • Interview preparation document
  • Practise interview video
  • Practise interview call – 60 mins
  • Post interview download document
  • Post interview feedback call – 30 mins
  • Maximising references and referee preparation document
  • Salary negotiation document
  • Interpretation of letter of offer video
  • Resignation document
  • Counter-offer considerations document
  • 1 x Support / progress call – 30 mins

**Bonus video: All things business development**

*excludes GST

 I need career advice, coaching, some 1-1 time and a game plan