Re-enter the Workforce

Career break candidates - Ready to re-enter - Empowered Decision

In this time of self-reflection you are not sure on what you want to do or are struggling to re-enter the job market.

We will guide and support you to identify your options then brush up on your job search, interview and negotiation skills to confidently navigate through this change.

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Things to think about….

  • Am I clear on the direction I want to take in my career?

  • Have I investigated the up-skill requirements / further study options?

  • How do I identify suitable career options?

  • Have I identified my core marketable skillset?
  • Do I know all the avenues to find suitable positions?

  • How important is a LinkedIn profile?

  • How do I use my network to find potential opportunities?

  • Do I know how to write a functional or combination resume?

  • Do I know how to positively explain my career break on your resume/ cover letter/ in interview?

  • Am I confident in my ability to handle the recruitment process?

  • How do I identify what kind of culture I want to work in?

  • Do I know what the concerns of employers are when considering career break candidates and how to overcome?

  • What are realistic salary expectations?

  • How do I prepare my referee to support my application?

  • How do I communicate my home responsibilities?


Consider my options
& Game Plan


This package is ideally suited to you if you need a re-set about what you want to do – you might want to explore an alternative option after working in a career for many years, find something completely new after a career absence or return to a career following a direction change.

Talk to the experts to get clarity and options to investigate.

The content of this package includes:

  • Exploratory & advice call – 60 mins
  • Re-entry provocation workbook
  • Expert research into possible career options
  • Discuss workbook feedback and our research call – 60 mins
  • Your action plan email from us
  • Follow up call – 30 mins
  • Job search plan document
  • Job search plan spreadsheet
  • Bonus documents:
    • Extended absence provocation document
    • Further study document
    • Post maternity considerations
    • Termination of your own business

*excludes GST



Talk through your particular situation with an expert to identify the best course for the career path you have identified.

Let’s discuss how to best represent you and support you through the re-entry process.

  • Complete a provocation sheet prior to our discussion to identify your particular situation – terminating your own business, returning to the workplace post maternity/ long absence or desire to commence further studies
  • Advice and game plan call – 60 mins

*excludes GST

Work with
the expert


You have not been active in the job search market for a number of years.

You are not up to date on how to optimise your Resume, Cover letter and LinkedIn profile. The interview and selection process feels daunting and you need an expert to guide you.

Benefit from our recruitment expertise on how to best present throughout the whole interview stage.

The content of this comprehensive package includes:

  • Career advisory call – 60 mins
  • Preparation of Resume and Cover Letter by the expert
  • LinkedIn profile set up
  • All about LinkedIn document
  • Job search plan document
  • Job search plan spreadsheet
  • Job search plan call – 30 mins
  • How to use your network video
  • How to use your network document
  • Selecting a recruiter document
  • Interview preparation workbook
  • Interview practise video
  • Practise interview call – 60 mins
  • Maximising references and referee preparation document
  • Post interview download document
  • Post interview feedback – 30 min call
  • 2 x Support / progress calls – 30 mins each
  • Bonus documents: selection criteria, negotiation & employment contract

*excludes GST

 I need career advice, some 1-1 time and a game plan