Next Step in Career

Strategic career changes - How to Change Your Career

At this point in your career you are progressing and are looking ahead to the future. You are either looking for a career change, professional development or a job change.

Career Change
Explore alternative career paths with an expert to objectively look at your skillset and help you identify different options.

Job Change
Job change is also very different from an entry level job search process. Differentiating yourself from others with similar experience becomes essential. Make your career changes strategic by understanding how to best position yourself through your resume, selection criteria, LinkedIn profile and interview preparation. Learn from experts on how your applications are viewed and how to best navigate the selection process.

Professional Development
It’s dedicated time for you to work on your professional development with a Coach who acts as an independent sounding board and offers objective advice and support.

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Things to think about….

  • How do I change direction when I know this is not for me?
  • I heard other people with my skill set get paid more. What can I do?

  • How do I highlight my skill set and my achievements in my paperwork?

  • How do I stand out in a competitive environment?

  • How do I identify available jobs / select a recruiter?

  • Do I know how to adapt my interviewing skills for this step?

  • How do I investigate career development in the interview process?

  • Who do I use as a referee?

  • Do I know how to handle a counter offer? How do I reject an offer?

  • How to I handle sensitive issues in my letter of appointment?

  • How do I handle the resignation process?


Career Coaching / Professional


One hour session with a Career Coach

In a one hour consultation we discuss your professional development needs and design an action plan with a customised quote.

*excludes GST

Career Change


This package provokes your thinking about your current situation. Work through a guided process with us to clarify possible career options and a game plan.

The content of this package includes:

  • Pre call discovery sheet
  • Exploratory call – 30 mins
  • Career interest workbook
  • Research by us conducted on possible career options
  • Feedback on possible career options call – 60 mins
  • Game plan email
  • Follow up and check in call – 30 mins
  • Job search plan workbook
  • Job search spreadsheet

*excludes GST

Resume, Cover letter, Selection criteria, Job search &
Interview Process


Step by step ‘how to’ online documents, templates and videos. Learn how to create and optimise your own job search documentation. Learn how to do your own comprehensive job search.

We review your Resume, Cover letter, Selection criteria and LinkedIn profile. We prepare you for common questions asked in interview.

The content of this package includes:

  • Customisation of Resume and Cover letter video
  • Resume writing workbook with ATS and tips
  • Blank Resume template
  • Selection criteria document
  • Cover letter preparation document
  • Blank Cover letter template
  • LinkedIn profile set up document
  • We review documentation and make recommendations (1 draft)
  • Recommendations made via an email report
  • Job search plan workbook
  • Job search plan spreadsheet
  • Selecting a recruiter document
  • How to use your network video
  • How to use your network document
  • Interview preparation workbook
  • Interview practise video
  • Support call on your topic of choice – 30 mins
  • ** Bonus doc: Maximising references & referee  preparation

*excludes GST

Work with the


Work one-on-one with an expert who will create and optimise your Resume, Cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Be supported through the job search and interview stages. Be guided through the negotiation, resignation and counteroffer process.

The content of this comprehensive package includes:

  • Pre call discovery sheet
  • Information gathering and game plan call – 60 mins
  •  Preparation of a customised Resume
  • Selection criteria document
  • Preparation of a base Cover letter/ selection criteria for one application
  • Preparation of the application email
  • Understanding LinkedIn document
  • LinkedIn profile set up
  • Job search plan workbook
  • Job search plan spreadsheet
  • Selecting a recruiter document
  • How to use your network video
  • How to use your network document
  • Job search plan call with expert – 30 mins
  • Interview preparation workbook
  •  Interview practise video
  •  Interview preparation call – 30 mins
  • Post interview feedback call – 30 mins
  • Salary negotiation document
  • Resignation document
  • Counter offer considerations document
  • Understanding your employment contract video tips
  • ** Bonus doc: Maximising references & referee preparation

*excludes GST

Help me with my Resume/Selection criteria/Cover letter/LinkedIn profile or
I need career advice